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Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Letter J: Juvenile Delinquents, Jewelry and Junks, February journal entry

I had a slow start today and got led down the primrose path by "Juvenile Delinquents." Maybe many images had been checked out by others, but I just didn't find much that appealed, except for one image of a 16 year-old "baby-faced" armed robber. So, moved on to Jugglers:

I loved the image below, take a look at his feet, especially! And that levitating lotus position is hard to imitate.

But perhaps the strangest image of "Jugglers is this 17th Century engraving of Chinese street performers:
They are doing MANY things (how did that guy get smoke to come out of his head?), but juggling does not seem to be among them.

"Jewelry" is an immense category. The Picture Collection is a huge resource for designers of all types (clothing, costumes, jewelry, textiles). Just skimming the surface, I found this handful of beautiful images.
A Russian broach representing Athena

A Colombian piece from the Museo Del Oro in Bogota

A collection of 17th Century Jewish Marriage rings.

I loved "Justice - Allegorical" and  thought it would be fun to make a little chorus line of justices. If only I could find an image of Justice doing the can-can.

But when I found the folder for "Junks," I was very excited. I love the textural range of these images as well as their subject matter.

And, of course, there was a fantastic pulp image. Does this remind you of the Nympho Gaucho of the Matto Grosso? (Look back at the entry for G to see her, if you missed it.)

If atomic testing hasn't already killed you, you may be able to enjoy the work of "A Foundation that left A Harem for Poor Men Only. Man's Life really seems chock full of  helpful info and important stories. The image on the cover depicts a "Captive of the All-Girl Ching Dao Jewel Ring," which is a bit hard to read in the scan. I hope that guy made it to safety...

The images from "Junks" seemed to make things coalesce for me, and I've made a sketch for the letter J  that integrates Hong Kong Harbor,  juggling, Justice(s), and junks from various eras...

And I like the labeled edge on this image, which makes me wonder if I can use some kind of "frame" like this to show the hand-written folder names for each image.

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