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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

O, Abecedarian...

I'm writing this at the Mid-Manhattan Library, home to the Picture Collection, where I've been investigating the letter O today. Naturally, the hundreds of images I looked at today are still spinning around in my mind, refusing to take a concrete form, but some of my favorite folders contained within the letter O include Oysters, Offices, Opera, Oracles, and Optometry... (and that doesn't even include Oregon or Obelisks.) How will they form a world?
Oysters: 19th C. illus.
Offices - 1954, Color Dynamics, Pittsburgh, 1946

Operas - Bellini (Samuel Ramey in I Puritani, NYT Nov. 30, 1986)

Oracles - 7480, Pythia, female Oracle at Delphi

Optometry, The Record Mar 21, 1995 Adv First Opt. Health Plan.